Amit Savyon, Web Shaman.

The web is seductive. There's so much it can do, that it tempts you to start pushing buttons just to see what'll happen. But the many things the web can do, makes it hard to know what the web should do.

The web must be led, not followed. "Should I do SEO, Adwords, or both?" "Do I really need a blog?" "What can Analytics tell me?" The problem with these questions, is the absence of the most important question: "Where do I want to go?" The web, like the wind, blows in every direction. Hoist your sail and chart your course, or you'll get lost at sea.

Choose one hat, make sure it fits. A PHP coder can use code to increase sales, an SEO pro can use keyword analysis to write site copy, and a graphic designer can use infographics to increase site traffic. A pianist can play a violin concerto, but a conductor knows that to perform a masterpiece, each person's role must tightly fit her skills.

Your web presence is like an orchestra. While you want your team to be filled with the best possible players, a great conductor - with the freedom to lead - can make good players into a great team.

Great answers come from great questions. The web is a sea filled with answers to questions you haven't asked. If you don't know what questions to ask, how can the web give you the answers you need?

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